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Verbal Reasoning (English). Children should read a wide variety of books and material. Parents should listen to their child reading and children should be encouraged to ask what unfamiliar words mean. Parents should discuss the reading material, ask questions regarding the text and discuss synonyms and antonyms. Practise comprehension from various sources. Sats year 6 papers are useful. Practise cloze passages and jumbled up words. Familiarity with words that have multiple meanings is useful. For fun learning, play games and engage in activities such as Scrabble; Countdown; Hangman; word searches, and crosswords.

CEM 11+ online practice and CEM 11+ word lists

WordBuilder.co.uk can be used for formal vocabulary building and contains numerous word lists comprising of words that have appeared in previous CEM 11+ tests. The site not only tests spellings, but tests words meanings using synonyms, and also tests word definitions and antonyms. For every word in a list, a child may learn 5 words without realising. The cloze passage section has ready-made cloze passages at various levels. Tests can be undertaken with missing letters within sentences (E.g. h**se for house) or actual word lists. Custom cloze passages can also be created. It has a comprehension module comprising of short comprehension tests. As with all sections, marking is automatic and online and all results are stored and can be reviewed by parents using their own login. After using WordBuilder many children find they can recognise a cloze word with missing letters and need not read the entire sentence, saving valuable time. Although WordBuilder is a useful tool, remember, there is no substitute for reading. WordBuilder has recently introduced comprehension. These are short tests, typically 15-minutes long, similar in duration to tests set by the CEM Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring®. WordBuilder is a complete solution for 11+ Verbal Reasoning/English preparations.

Recommended 11+ English (Verbal Reasoning) Preparation

WordBuilder: The fun way to learn and practise spellings; meanings; synonyms; antonyms; cloze passages; jumbled sentences; comprehension; conundrums, and enrich vocabulary.WordBuilder CEM 11+ KS1, KS2, Sats, 11+ preparation. www.WordBuilder.co.uk
Spellings;  vocabulary; comprehension; cloze passages, and jumbled sentences.

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Lists includes vocabulary used in previous 11+ tests
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11+ English (Verbal Reasoning)
online preparation with

Spellings; Vocabulary; Synonyms; Antomyms; Conundrums; Cloze Passages; Comprehension, and Jumbled up sentences. Ideal for 11+ tests set at the CEM Centre, at Durham University®.
11+ Maths (Numerical Reasoning)
and NVR online preparation with

Free maths question generator
Lesson notes; presentations (videos); worksheets; games; Sats style tests from Year 2 to 6 including mental maths audio tests; private school 11+ tests, and CEM style past questions.
Now includes Non-verbal Reasoning.
Ideal for 11+ tests set at the CEM Centre, at Durham University®.

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